REJUVENATE - Massage and Cancer
REJUVENATE - A touch for the mind, body, and soul
Gayle MacDonald, author of Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer, tells us "massage gives people with cancer a chance to piece their body back together again."  "They feel nurtured and loved and soothed."

Just a few years ago, massage therapist were trained that cancer was a contraindication to massage and many people with cancer were turned away by massage therapists for fear of spreading the cancer.

We  now know that massage, modified to fit the specific needs of a person in treatment for cancer, is actually a benefit.  In fact research has been done on the effects of massage for the cancer patient and the results are encouraging!  Patients are experiencing less pain, anxiety, nausea and fatigue.  There is a boost to the immune system and they are feeling more relaxed after receiving massage. 

Massage therapy can help relieve your discomfort, support your recovery and and your emotional well-being.  As a therapist trained in working with cancer patients, I can adapt the massage to be safe and effective where ever you are in your treatment.  

It is important that I work as a part of your health care team.   Your care is complex, so inform your physician or patient care team before receiving massage.  It's important that I am kept up to date on your treatment in order to determine  what type of massage is appropriate.

Your needs can be met with a trained therapist.  We understand your diagnosis, the side effects of your treatment and are able to adapt the massage to your individual needs.

Rejuvenate will travel!  If you are in Ft. Collins, undergoing treatment for a medical condition, and you are unable to come to my office I can come to you.  There is an additional travel charge of only $25.00.

Make massage a part of your treatment plan, and experience the benefits for yourself!

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