REJUVENATE - Trauma Touch Therapy
REJUVENATE - A touch for the mind, body, and soul

What is Trauma Touch Therapy?

We have all experienced some type of Trauma.  It may be a car accident, the death of a loved one or physical, emotional or sexual abuse.  Trauma is the result of the "fight or flight" response being triggered, due to  an actual or a perceived danger.  When the ability to respond becomes inhibited we can become "stuck" in the traumatic event.  An intellectual understanding is a part of the healing, but the body has it's own story to tell. 

Trauma Touch Therapy  is a body based therapy that allows the client to reconnect with their body in a safe and controlled environment.  The client controls the session while the therapist assists in creating a safe container, facilitating release and healing.  The client is empowered as they learn to allow the sensation of emotion and learn to stay present, even in moments of stress.  Trauma Touch Therapy helps the client understand how the body communicates, and to listen to this communication.  With this knowledge the client can move forward, begin to make new choices and break the traumatic cycle.

This is not meant to be a singular approach to recovery, but can enhance the physchotherapeutic process.  We begin with a free initial consultation to determine if this is the right therapy at the right time for you.  Trauma Touch Therapy is a process of slowly allowing the body to recognize and release traumatic energy.  This unfolds through a series of 10 sessions. Each session is about 90 minutes long that integrates movement, breath, creativity and play.  At the end of ten sessions the clients goals can be reassessed and additional sessions can be negotiated at that time if needed. 

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